Hands On With The Amazon Fire Phone


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Announced last month, the Amazon Fire Phone is the company’s first attempt at mobile hardware. Like its cousins in the Kindle Fire line of tablets, it runs a fork of Android and gives you quick access to everything in Amazon’s large (and growing) content library.

The device itself has a premium feel that’s competitive with flagship phones from Apple, HTC, and Samsung. Like the iPhone 4 and 4S, it has glass on the front and rear, while the curved plastic around the edge of the device has a smooth, solid feel, much like Amazon’s Kindle Paperwhite e-reader.

Those familiar with the Kindle Fire’s interface will feel right at home with the Fire Phone’s “Carousel” home screen, which lets you scroll through your most recently used apps and content. A widget underneath the carousel shows notifications or links to related content in Amazon’s store…

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Can’t Manage A Standing Desk? Meet Cubii, The Sitting Exerciser


Sitting down — and the sedentary lifestyle it encourages — is killing you, slowly but surely. The problem is, standing desks aren’t for everyone. Making the switch is a big deal. I love mine but it took a week of pain and suffering to go from seat to feet, and it still feels pretty tough on calves and soles after a full day-long standing stretch.

So here’s a third way: Cubii is a sitting exerciser that’s been designed to fit under an office desk so those who are stuck in their office chairs can push its pedals while they work and get some exercise, rather than being entirely sedentary.

The Cubii is a pretty simple elliptical trainer but the design has been tweaked so the trajectory of the pedals keeps the user’s knees low enough not to bang the underside of the desk.

It also includes a Bluetooth radio and there’s a companion app — so your underdesk mileage can be…

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