Sony Taps Its Display, Gaming, And Photography Might For Latest Mobile Flagships


Meet Sony’s Xperia Z2 line. With the Z2 Tablet and Z2 smartphone, Sony clearly hopes impressive specs and waterproof technology will help the company gain market share in 2014. The tablet and phone are refreshingly similar. Qualcomm’s 2.3GHz 801 Snapdragon powers both devices. They both have class-leading cameras and displays. And following in Sony’s recent tradition, they’re both waterproof.

The Sony of today is different from the Sony of even five years ago. The company is going lean with its product offerings with a strong focus on photography, gaming and mobile products. The Sony Z2 Tablet and Z2 smartphone are prime examples of the company tapping all its divisions to make the best possible product.

unnamed 2

The Z2 Tablet rocks a 10.1-inch display up front and LTE capability. Like the Z1 before it, the Z2 has a 8.1MP camera on the back and a 2MP around front. And even with the…

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