Microsoft Is Finally Taking Aim At The Cable Box


Game consoles are in an enviable position: right under millions of televisions. The popular line is that the big three – Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony – are dinosaurs choking on the smoke of a red hot mobile gaming meteor. That’s not true. Nintendo has already sold 3.91 million units as of September 2013 and the Xbox 360 sold 79 million. That’s a lot of electronics under a lot of TVs.

Each of these devices has attempted to supplant a single rival, the cable box, with lackluster results. The Wii U allows for a sort of watered-down TV control using the Wiimote but the Xbox One is one of the first devices to offer HDMI pass through and a built-in TV guide for any provider. And, if I were a cable provider, I’d be very afraid. I sat down with Microsoft yesterday to see the new system and came…

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