Amazon Replies To Author’s Reply To Amazon Founder’s Wife’s Criticism Of Book About Amazon


Early this morning, author Brad Stone replied to a one-star review given his book The Everything Store, about the meteoric rise of Jeff Bezos and Amazon. Why an entire article to reply to one review? Because the review was written by none other than MacKenzie Bezos, Jeff’s wife.

The review called out inaccuracies in Stone’s book, claimed that he didn’t fact check things that he should have and took issue with the characterization of Bezos as cold. She also said that there were many positive things about Bezos and the company that Stone left out of the book because it didn’t support his hypothesis.

In Stone’s response article today, he addresses the topic.

“Bezos said that he married MacKenzie after searching for someone tenacious enough to break him out of a Third World prison. By that standard, I got off easy,” says Stone. “Mrs. Bezos mostly took…

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