How To Tell If You’re In A Cloud-Friendly Industry


Editor’s note: Gordon Ritter is a founder and general partner at Emergence Capital, a leading venture capital firm focused on cloud companies. He was an early investor in and Veeva Systems, and he is currently chairman of Veeva. Follow him on Twitter @gordonritter.

The benefits of an industry cloud strategy are clear. But are there certain industries that are more cloud friendly? To answer this question, we analyzed industries using a framework that ranks each one based on eight factors that speed up cloud adoption and two factors that slow things down.

The Top Cloud-Friendly Industries

Two industries stand out as the most cloud-friendly: healthcare and education. Healthcare has the most traction, with focused and fast-growing cloud companies in many facets of this massive and concentrated industry. In addition to Veeva, companies such as Doximity, CareCloud and PracticeFusion are getting traction, and Athena Health has…

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