Foursquare PreCheck-In Wins The First Ever Disrupt Europe Hackathon, Teleapp And Colorful Gift Place Second And Third


TechCrunch Disrupt Europe’s first-ever hackathon has just concluded, and the judges have crowned a winner. There were 91 companies presenting hacks at this year’s inaugural event, and 24 hours after they sat down and started hacking, the teams stood up on stage and ran through 60-second demos of what they built.

Our panel of judges evaluated their efforts, and awarded them with three top prizes based on the merits of each. Here’s who walked away with the big prizes.

Winner: Foursquare PreCheck-In

[tc_5min code=”517988773″]

Foursquare PreCheck-In allows people to express their intent to visit places before they even go. That can make it easier to plan trips with friends, and it can allow businesses to offer up services and products to potential customers in advance to help encourage them to actually go through with their visit and deliver better customer service.

The video of their one minute on-stage demo is…

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