Knoala, A New Parenting App From Ex-Slide Employees, Aims To Make Playtime More Fun


A team of ex-Slide employees (and later Google employees following the acquisition) based out of Shanghai, have launched a new parenting app called Knoala, which offers a large catalog of development-boosting activities for parents with young children. The idea, explains co-founder Cathy Hsu, who started the company along with husband Tony Hsieh, came to them after becoming new parents themselves back in 2011.

“We were new parents, and had absolutely no idea what to do,” says Hsu. “We had read that playing with babies was really important. And you would think that this kind of stuff would come to you intuitively, but it really doesn’t.” She says that after bringing the baby home, and getting the basic duties – diapers, feedings, etc. – under control, when it came to playing with the baby, they were a little lost.

So the new parents did what a lot of us do…

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