Who’s Telling The Truth Between JSC and Gladys Shollei

Gladys Boss Shollei has become the face of the media, with accusations from the Judicial Service Comission accusing her of mishandling funds of over a billion shillings and also favouring other employees as the media says. This saga has skinned open the judiciary in the open and people have been curious to know what happens behind closed doors.


The Judicial Service Commission one of the most powerful commission in the country has put people in its toes, but the no nonsense lady Shollei was sacked on but she came out strongly to defend herself on that the decision was not done accordingly to protocol The staff who closely worked with her found their offices closed but Judicial Service Comission said it was temporary for investigation to be done, but other took time to celebrate her sacking for the mistreatment they got from her and also went ahead accuse her of other things she did to them.


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