What Next After The Westgate Attack

skynews_913974After the Westgate attack we’ve learnt what weakness is within us and now is the time to fill the holes and mend the fences so as to be prepared and also prevent it from happening again.But us also as kenyans we should also know that security is not for the police but also us as Kenyans we should also play our role in order to prevent such people to occupy our country and do such massacre.Its also not a time for blame game where we blame each office that has failed to do this and that but a time to get the offices together and discuss and agree to put measures so that when such information is raised it is not slipped by the authorities.But also to the authorities i think it’s time we set up a different security personel which we should be able to take measures when such situation arise,like in such developed countries such as USA have a unit called S.W.A.T which when such situation arise they are the ones whop take controll and so as the army people they have to take care our country from war.Also technology plays a key role in such that it may be able to detect when such people are illegal in our country but not also on the borders but also to inferior places such as reserves may be places that these terrorist hide but we now have witnessed and its time we take precaution may GOD bless our country and may GOD bless the people of Kenya.


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