Snub Shebesh-Sonko Drama

English: I&M Bank Tower in Nairobi, Kenya

English: I&M Bank Tower in Nairobi, Kenya (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It seems shebesh is not going  to leave the media soon only after been slapped by kidero, we thought it was lying low but soon came another scandal some weeks later of Sonko punching Shebesh as the news people said.But today she’s yet faced with another scandal right on her face and people wondering if shes going to cover it.Report from sonko says the pics are photoshoped but it will take more than that for sonko to convince  nairobians that is true,lately even the classic 105 duo in the morning Maina kageni and his presenter Kingangi did a debate over the shebesh-sonko pics on thursday and safe to say i was embarrased that women also condemned shebesh.But i think  that this is just a plot in order to destroy reputation of shebesh for the recent scandals she’s been involved into and someone is working hard to make it happen am not protecting her but that is what it seems.This drama issue has been going on for two days and people in Nairobi are gossiping it all over it’s like we dont have anything to say ,lets just move on and look at the positive side that Shebesh and Sonko are doing to help nairobi grow its, game over people lets live our lives and leave what shebesh and sonko or dont do to them and respect their privacyImage WeAreOne.


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