Faith Wambua narrates Westgate Ordeal

Super mom Faith Wambua is truly a Blessed Mom and a Brave one who found a way to save her life and that of her children business pretending to be dead. On her interview on Sunday with Ntv weekend edition at 9pm she says immediately the attack occurred she lied down with her children thinking the building was collapsing but later on she heard gunshots and while lying down she was praying together with her daughter who she was a little louder and had to tell her to lower her voice. Where she laid her son was close to her and had to play with her fingers with the glass around her in order to let her son not get scared and make her concentration elsewhere but hours later she got rescued and thanks Our GOD almighty for his grace and protect her what a lovely Mom that every body would love to her as your mom To Faith Wambua GOD bless you and may he protect you and your family such braveness is hard to have.


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Top Apps this Week

Although its been a tough week we’ve so many things happening and much more some was to benefit others.With the westgate mall attack that happened a week ago it put the world into a stad still and there then people knew a country called kenya and the trend in twitter was #WestgateAttack #WeAreOne this appeared as the most trending words on twitter and in this week this apps got to be known.Twitter trended the most followed by Imageacebook where most pages were formed regarding the westgate mall attack also Abel Masai got his name up hifh as it appeared in New York times plus his Mobile app Newsdrift got recognized by kenyans more to that he got ten  thousand followers in twitter within three days now thats worth more.Any way i guess thats it if you think you got another app comment and maybe we’ll feature it.



Stone turned into Gold

How many times have you heard that Stone turned to Gold for me no but for you it may have occurred. Yeah let’s talk about Turkana.


i was about to say I was born there, but I might be the county has raised its fame in two years and wants to compete with Nairobi, first it was crude oil discovered then now natural water about 250 billion cubic litres and Kenya as a whole uses it only 3.5 billion cubic per year meaning turkana can supply water to Kenya for about 80 years. From a dry pastrolist to a king. This has made turkana to be like a baby because everybody talks about it want to take care of it and want to associate with it, investors are now finding a way to use their money meaning in a period of ten turkana will be up and the economy of the county will be high let’s just watch the pace.

Mark Zuckerberg net worth doubles



Co founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg net worth doubled due to a peak high of his share trading at $45 a share from a low peak of $17 last year September. Mark is said to be worth $19 billion from $9.4 billion but other sites like bloomberg billionaires say that he’s worth $21 billion, he has also risen from number 36 to 20 in the forbes list of 400 richest Americans where he was in 2011 seems like the king of Social network is smiling all the way to the and with his project of making Internet available to all people in the world he’s going to make wonders.