OLX (Photo credit: wallsdontlie)

Finally got my Kenya flag from eBay. It's nice...

Finally got my Kenya flag from eBay. It’s nice to be flying the colors again. Nkosi sikelele Africa! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Image representing eBay as depicted in CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase

Feel good friday as the sun sets the day quite congratulate the day.Lets talk about online marketing what rings in your mind is OLX .Yeah i know we’ve seen it on tv and is been advertised even on radios,but is it still efficient to convince us to engage in online selling and paying online.We’ve heard big sites like AMAZON and EBAY which make milions of dollars in profits per year due to online e-commerce.Kenyans are hard people to put trust in you but something may come in handy and solve this mystries and maybe we will be lucky to produce our own Jeff bezzos.Yea how about the government comes in with a policy of digital certificates to be issued to everyones ip address furthermore we are going digital and as you know our class one children will be joining next year with a laptop each.And it might be embarrasing if a child teaches his dad or teacher how to use a computer and how to purchase online.Last year one of the big media household names and the award winner of social media personality of the year Julie gichuru opened his online clothing shop MIMI  and mind you sales did start having dressed the born again size 8 who was the host of Sakata sImage and also sakata dancers.This clearly shows that kenyans are starting to accept e-cpmmerce only needs some govrnment help and we are good to go.


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