Is JKIA airport Nairobi counting losses ?

Early this morning at 5 am in the morning fire broke out in JKIA airport Nairobi, sources say the fire was manageable but then blasted to be so big in just a split of a second. One of the fire brigade person said bitumen which is what the roof is made of may have caused the fire to be big thus they were not able to get in fearing fall of the building. Later flights were cancelled terminally in the airport and later it was closed. This affects not only the airport but also business men and women, traders and investors. Each flight that lands at JKIA pays for the duration it stays also people pay for tickets daily thus that is revenue also those that were supposed to travel today have to be compensated that means JKIA has to back in their pockets to pay at the end of the day JKIA has lost hundreds of millions of shillings. Below is a link for more info on JKIA loss


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