Miley cyrus appears in Big Sean new video ‘Fire’

Miley cyrus has done it again after her hit song ‘We can’t stop’ where she showed her fabulous sexy body in the new video of Big Sean she did it again and my ohh my you can’t say here’s what Big Sean had to say :


“[It’s] a special video for a special song,” he
wrote. “I got Miley Cyrus for this video
because she’s somebody who’s had a personal
evolution as a lot of us have had. Besides all
the personal stories I tell in the song, there
are so many other ways people can make it
through the fire.”
He continued, “I think Miley did a great job as
a metaphor for strong women, being strong
person after heartbreak (hence the burning pic
that could symbolize her old romance), or
maybe even deeper problems but in the end
remaining as elegant as a rose. It’s a cool
visual that has a cool concept and meaning to
Miley cyrus was also happy of the video


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